Meet Team Charlie Lounge

Meet the Team

  • Lukáš Uhlíř, Founder: A visionary in technology innovation, Lukáš has extensive experience in DeFi, NFT Gaming, and the Metaverse. He founded Blockchain Jungle, a major blockchain event in Central America.

  • Pedro Beirute Prada, CEO: Former CEO of Costa Rica's Investment Promotion Agency, Pedro has a proven track record in trade promotion and international business. He brings his expertise to Charlie Lounge, driving global growth and innovation.

  • Eva Marečková, CEO of CharliePay: With 20 years of leadership across various sectors, Eva excels in business strategy, marketing, and negotiations, enhancing Charlie Lounge's operational excellence.

  • Martin Dadak, VP: Martin's expertise in AI and social networks fuels our platform's innovation, bringing valuable insights and strategic direction to our team.

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